Monday, November 29, 2010


November. Almost December. The month of the full moon, the scatter and the wild. Party season. I like party season. I like the sense of arms flung wide, give yourself up, release. I like the empty space that becomes the throb and beat of the party. The heat-wave-shimmer rising from bodies closed in on each other, necks arched, hot panting. When 9pm becomes 6am and you’re wild eyed awake.

I like the Zaror House by Jaime Bendersky Arquitectos. I like the rise of the massive concrete and wood elements that float in balance with the surrounds but that are begging for some damp to be thrown against, and then a cool cheek to be rest down hours later.

58m of windows and glass facing Santiago City, resting against the southern slops of the foothills de Manquehue. Watching the world crawl slowly below, but then opening out to capitalize on the Northern sun, creeping through timber slats, telling you it time. Sense check and listen to this song while you look at the pictures. Crystal Castles "Through the Hosiery"

Architects: Jaime Benderesky Architects
Location: Santiago, Chile
Year Completed: 2009
Area: 8869 square feet
Materials: Concrete, aluminum, glass and wood
Photos: Pablo Henriquez Palma

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