Thursday, January 14, 2010

I wanna see a Gilby etchascetch...

Busy little bee researching for a special project at the moment, and stumbled on a gorgeous idea by an striking New Yorker.

Aiming to draw every single resident of New York, artist Jason Polan's style is simply complexed yet extremely elegant. It encompasses a type of intense and simple beauty - that doesn't rely on colour to reflect the subjects true self, and the artists sentiment.

If you're living in the city, email Polan, with the details of where and when you'll be for a duration of two minutes, what you'll be wearing (a bright yellow jacket is a good example of how to be obvious!), with 24hrs notice, and he'll do his best to make it so that you feature on his blog the same evening. (

A beautiful idea for the front of a very personal card for home, or an invite to a special birthday or celebration, that is truly a raw example of you.

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