Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paper Fetish

I love paper and think its an amazing (and under utilised!) medium. I know that when the blog formally known as MoHo was alive and kicking, Mo and I would often paste up awesome paper beautiful inspiration, and you'd probably be familiar with my love of the beautiful work done by Yulia Brodskaya, which for those based in Aussie land, was recently used for the Myer Christmas campaign. I also think that the two videos below are pretty freakin' cool.

For those unfamiliar, Parkour is the crazy "sport" of adapting your physical movement to the surrounding environment to overcome any obstacle. The idea is that you use only your body and the elements around you to get from one place to another. Sure you've seen those crazy cats running, jumping and climbing walls, buildings, railings etc like spider monkeys. The below vid uses this idea but in a series of drawings that have then been filmed and sped up.

You can also actually purchase ABC3D and would recommend it if you're looking for something very cool and very different for a babies gift. It's something they'll hold onto for the rest of their lives.
Yulia Brodskaya

Paper Parkour


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