Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Visiting.

It seems like in the last 12 months I've realised that you don't need to conform to the confines of a dress code according to a suburb or the people that live in it. Its probably a lesson that I should've learnt years ago off my beautiful friends Lynne and Rodney Watt who have been dressing for themselves since I met them five years ago.

Reflecting who you are in what you wear, and having people snicker because they don't get it, is much easier to handle than repressing your true sense of individuality. And to be honest, I think I'd much prefer to be friends with the tiny percentage who do get it, than have millions of acquaintances that don't.

Feel powerful enough to bring some theatre into an outfit. Who knows who you might impress. Chances are, you'll end up driving your own Groupie Bus/#1 Fan. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

The Visitors. Photography by Fréderic Bastin @ Jean Louis Jerome Styling & Production by Ruben Debuck Hair & Makeup Vasko Todorof @ Touch Agency using Kerastase Paris & Dior Cosmetics Models Camille Ringoir & Pauline Van Der Cruysse @ Dominique Models Stylist’s assistants Bunny & Elisabeth Ouni Special Thanks to & The Flanders Fashion Institute

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