Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surfin' for the money

I know that I have at least 40 more years on the slate of workin'. Whether it be for me or for the man, its an obvious necessity that you gotta rake in the dollars to afford the finer things in life (like $80 make-up primer, and hip flasks of vodka...). How we find ways to stay sane and inspired is as unique and varied as the walk-to-work shoes that women wear in the city, but I do know that in my very first role as Marketing Coordinator @ Sumo Salad, my gorgeous boss Dan Foreman - a talented, smart, gorgeous looking guy - let me in on the Aquabumps secret.

Aquabumps is a daily documentary of Australian beaches (not gonna lie - mainly the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney given its based outta Bondi), shot every morning by Eugene Tan, collated and emailed to over 20, 000 subscribers (as of August 2006... so imagine the nb now!) The way he describes it on the website? "Aquabumps is often explained as ‘escapism’… It’s 10:30am at work and you’re in the middle of cranking out a boardroom report for the end of financial year (dang – excitement), you’re in ya suit twiddling your pen when BOOM! the Aquabumps report hits your inbox providing a 30 second aquatic escape."

If however you're on the Northern Beaches - and given I'm from Manly, I'm biased - check out Salt Motion.

Northside (Salt Motion)

Golden (Aquabumps)

My gorgeous Juzzy B @ Bondi (Aquabumps)

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