Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Topless Serenity

I live a content, guiltless life.

I love my friends and being able to spend endless amounts of guiltless time - drinking wine, or listening to the quiet lap of water against the edge of a pool - while sunning with them.
I love wandering in my own little universe.
I love being able to wear what I want and not worry about someone telling me that I shouldn't wear a fedora, or be the first one up to dance at a party.
I love the beach and being able to take a late night swim with anyone I want.
I love being able to get caught in the heat and crazy feeling of a a moment and wake up entangled in someone elses clean white sheets without feeling terrible that I've committed an ultimate sin.

But then, on the odd occurrence, I feel sad. Sad that those clean white sheets, the heat of those first dances and late night swims, the fedora in the sun, the quite lull of the pool is never with someone I love at hotels like this.

Uxua Casa Hotel sits on a remote stretch of Brazil's Bahina coast, in the sleepy town Trancoso. Tucked gently amongst a secret garden, the Casas range of fisherman houses, made from traditional building methods and recycled organic materials hide extensive attention to detail - making it one of the most luxurious places to holiday in the world. King sized beds, Jacuzzis, private plunge pools - this is a dream. And while I want to share it with you - I think I'd like to share it with someone else more.

And if you have any doubt about how beautiful this location is... get in touch with Terry Richardson or his bevy of beauties... that shot the Pirelli 2010 calendar at the resort.

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