Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pirate Black Noise

Once upon a time, in a life lived a long time ago, I dated a musician who was the most beautiful, divine soul that exists on the planet. We lived a passionate romance that ended up both our doing and our undoing, but that included amazing moments when we would be hugged by incredible force caused by music and sound that said more to each of us and to both of us, and more than we were able too say to each other. And we lived a million beautiful, never can be repeated instances - that felt like a dream. Like the time that we danced through hundreds of helium balloons in our lounge room, fuelled on by vodka from a vase, low lights, late nights and new love.

I'm not sure why Natalia Brilli's black gear makes me think of him. Maybe its the funeral black sadness of love lost? Maybe its the juxtaposition of simple form vs the rainbow of sound that we lived together? Maybe its that Summer has gone and Autumn is here, much like when you know that it's done? Whichever, or whatever, this gear by the Belgium born / Parisian based accessories designer is massively intense.

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