Thursday, April 8, 2010

event: Trent Edward "New Horizons" solo exhibition

With the close out of the Summer months, I put away the desires for hazed-canary yellow, low light, hot nights and entertain thoughts of lambswool, grey-marle coloured skies, deep plum-red wine fuelled winter cold.

The perfect way to start this years journey? Trent Edward "New Horizons" solo exhibition at Fix8 Gallery in Freshwater (on Sydney's Northern Beaches). A dear friend, Trent's breathless seascapes capture an essence of the Australian outdoors that - while talking to the extremes of impending storms and breaking waves - manage to present a passionate simplicity. Trent's work has been snapped up for private collections around the world including Canada, Germany, England and of course Aussie. For those that live in Sydney, I hope I see you at the gallery to celebrate beautiful art, from a beautiful person.

TRENT EDWARD - New Horizons
15 April til 2 MAY 2010
Fix8 Gallery: 55 Harbord Road, Freshwater NSW 2096 P: 02 9938 3135

"Closing In" -SOLD- 60cm x 60cm each (acyclic on board)

"Imminent Arrival" -SOLD- 184 x 94cm (acrylic on board)

"Distant Relief" 125cm x 125cm (acrylic on board)

"The Forgotten Coast" 64cm x 64cm & 124cm x 64cm (acrylic on board)

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