Monday, April 5, 2010

Closer to being in the entourage

I'm slightly addicted to Twitter at the moment. Not only does it feel like I can be a little bit more honest on there than FB (mainly because I don't have my closest friends, ex-boyfriends, bosses or mother following me), but it seriously saves me $$ on buying trashtastic celebrity goss mags, because, with the click of a "follow" button, I can read every deepest thought, musing or location update of the celebrities who I actually am interested in (I know I'm letting the cat out of the bag admitting THAT guilty pleasure...).

This site is hilarious and devised for those that feel that because they may have tweeted Nicole Richie, or Lily Allen (something I have NOT done and don't plan on because it makes you a STALKER!) it makes so-desired celebrity one of their closest pals. Stocking greeting cards and - my fave - Lego sets, and (coming soon) calico bags, Friends of Celebrities lets you proclaim loud and clear who you've got a celebcrush on. Pick from Kate Moss, to Paris Hilton, to Lily, Brad or Prince Wills. Too funny!

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