Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Event: James Brickwood Photography Exhibition

Once upon a time, on a sun-filled winter afternoon, two friends sat on a long, low bench, drinking peppermint tea, talking about nights past, and catching glimpses of summer in the twinkle of the salt water shimmers. Divulging secrets that only two close girlfriends can, the talk turned more than once to boys - those that mattered, and those that really didn't, and those that maybe one day would fall into either category but at that point in time rested somewhere in the middle.

It was ironic then, that as the sun dipped behind some clouds as the light time started to slip into night time, one mentioned name rode past on a bike, and it was in the split second that the sun had hidden itself, that the girls saw the face that had been giggled over not too many minutes earlier.

As it turned out, the boy was leaving the town in which they had all grown up, and was moving to a place that many wouldn't consider venturing to visit. By way of celebrating a lifelong-to-date friendship(or maybe it was a guise) the three decided that given the impending darkness, it made sense to command a feast. And feast it was - duck salad, stir fried vegetables, very little rice but lots and lots of laughter. And as the night started to end, and the cold kicked in, the three said their goodbyes - the girls and the boy - turned away and went down new paths.

The girls? They are still friends - sharing more memories and more stories. The boy? He decided to throw a photographic exhibition. And with an eye that captures more than a memory, it would be well worth attending.

James Brickwood Photography Exhibition
Launching April 16, 2010
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, West Esplanade Manly P: (61-2-9976 1420)

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