Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's funny as I look back over the past year, through the history of what was MoHo and what is now my own little space of random mumbles, and see some pretty consistent interests and passion when it comes to certain products. I think that its testament to the fact that I love a simple, straight living environment, spiced up in areas that you wouldn't expect to see. Beautiful armchairs, interesting lighting fixtures, stoneware and cutlery. To most, its idiotic... until you think about the way that you feel and the appreciation, once you are involved (by accident or purpose) in the everyday use of something beautiful.

If I was remotely organised, I would've gotten my smarts together and packed up for some Italian spring, to participate in, and source my own goodness at the Public Design Festival which has just wrapped up in Milano. Instead I'm relying on checking incredibly beautiful product shots that are floating back from the event.

Seletti "Midas" Cutlery
In a time where many wrap sleek silver, or steel into the 'modern' bundle, I love the matte finish gold on these, which actually blends with modern or classic china better than stark silver. And while it may be on point to think that your nan had gold cutlery, combined with a stunning stemless wineglass, candle-low-light and Heston inspired meal, I don't think you can say there is anything old about these.

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