Monday, April 5, 2010

event: Art Melbourne 2010

For many, the idea of buying art is daunting to say the least. What if what you like other people don’t? What if, because it’s inexpensive, it’s not good? What if it looks like something your 3 year old cousin drew, or you’d see it on the wall of your Nan’s house… is it still worth buying?

The thing is, with art, that it’s based on personal opinion. It’s like music (just because I think Lee Kernaghan or Bob Marley are lower than average, doesn’t mean that millions of other don’t). There are so many people in the world that have built their reputation as art critics, or collectors without a wick of formal training or education on what is great and what isn’t. None more than Charles Saatchi (ye of Saatchi&Saatchi and M&C fame... and married to one Nigella Lawson...) who – if you believe his (rarely) given interview for the Phaidon book “My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic” he literally just buys what he likes and don’t care what the real “artoholics” have to say.

So take the gamble. If you live in Melbourne (or, later in the year, Sydney) check out Art Melbourne 2010. The aim of the exhibition is to feature a variety of art that is interesting, eclectic and accessible to just about anyone, and also price it to suit a range of budgets. The exciting thing about Art Melbourne this year, is that they are featuring work by crazy amazing street artist, Banksy – with limited edition prints exclusively on sale – which I’m sure will be welcomed like crazy for those living in Melbs after their own little slice of Banksy (Little Diver) was destroyed by vandals. Also featuring is work by Amsterdam tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp.

To boost your confidence a little more, maybe even partake in the PT Equities Art Walks that are a part of the event – there to demystify some of the scary parts of the art world, the tours will offer hints on how to spot rising stars, investing, grabbing art bargains, starting a collection and (my personal favorite and much needed) how to understand Aboriginal art.

Grab tickets now. After attending Art Sydney 2009 I can high recommend this to the new and the serious.

Limited edition Banksy Banksy's Melbourne Little Diver (sadly no more due to a**hole graffiti artists...)

Beautiful Angelique Houtkamp works

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