Thursday, September 24, 2009

All Jaded Up

If there is a color to break through the nude and stripped back hues of the moment, its gotta be the green and blue shades of jade. Deep accents are going to feature hard, whether it be via slight shimmers in a pair of silk trousers, subtle hints via jewels or nails. Mark our words – these colors are makin’ its way back in.

To tempt you fancy, check out the latest offering in cocktail baubles from Chanel. Heavily influenced by art deco trends, the piece features black onyx (bringing in that hard edge that we’re craving oh so much), and diamond, with the signature CC (yuck – SO ostentatious) stuck on like a branded end thought.

Combining a cocktail ring with a simple outfit is an instant statement that works to a tea. Out lady loves Lydia sure know how to make it work and we suggest, that you take some influence from her Samantha Willis lead.

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