Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Davey. With Love.

Blogs. Who even really gets it? We tell our friends about MoHo and those that don’t sit in front of a computer all day, find it hard to rationalise HOW they to look at the same site everyday… let alone work through RSS subscriptions (and daily emails are also a struggle!). Which is why it's very fortunate for kids like Scott Schuman - of The Satorialist fame - to have developed an international cult following to such an extent that he’s been asked to shoot for a number of mags and brand campaigns alike.

Mr Schuman’s blog has been so successful in fact, that Penguin books is showing his photographs on the printed page with the release of his book - The Sartorialist. Currently available in paper back through the US (it was released August 12th) the book will be available worldwide this month. We can’t wait for the sexy hardcover version that will adorn our coffee / bedside tables alike. Perfect for the fashion kid that has everything… (NOTE: we haven't included a lot of images with this post... it's just too hard to pull together favourite shots when so many are wonderful. If you haven't been onto The Satorialist, we suggest you do.)

Considering it is one Mr David Price’s birthday today (the magical being who introduced Leah to the Satorialist in the start) it seems fitting that we write this little piece. Lots of love Davey you little peach – can’t wait to have you home!!!!

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