Thursday, September 24, 2009

TENT London 09

Tent London is here 24-27 September, the most all-encompassing and diverse design exhibition spanning across architecture, contemporary and vintage marvels by both emerging and established designers from around the globe. Another draw-card is the exhibitions location – the Truman Brewery, a vast reclaimed industrial site smack-bang in the middle of the captivating Brick Lane.

New for 09 is Tent Digital, a celebration of the finest digitally-enabled design. Digital Tea Party by Audio Architecture, Creatmosphere and Shroom Studio explores the 'house of the future' involving control of your environment by lifeless inanimate interaction.

Ruairi Glynn’s robotic 'Dancers' perform based on the attention received by their guests in an attempt to keep their audience captivated – this could prove to be quite the distraction during an evening at the dining room table.

Plus sneak a peek at the designs from 09's finest handpicked graduates whose ideas will most likely shape our future surroundings. Such as two talented Swedes Bischoff and Emanuelsson's ‘Clock Clock’ and Grebin's 'Cozy Furniture'. With over 15,000 attendees last year we’re sure this year will be yet another exhibition of epic proportions, especially with the lovely team from Emap hosting the event – good luck kids and to everyone else in London – enjoy!

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