Monday, September 14, 2009

Ms. Miso

Can't really say that wandering into work on a Monday morning is a favourite thing to do. But opening up an email and seeing some beautiful, creative, inspiring work definitely softens the blow.

Street artist Miso, hailing from Melbourne AUS, has a distinct style that is striking and romantic and defined and fluid all at the same time. Unique in her beautiful approach to representing women from all different walks of life, her work spans drawing, collage, illustration and of course (the most exciting unexpected) street paste-up.

Only a baby - she's 21! - this gem is currently pasting half and halfs across doorways. Inviting the viewer to step in... almost in an Alice In Wonderland -through the looking glass kinda way. In her own words

"I became really obsessed with Russian Constructivists for a while, with the idea of creating art that’s embedded in everyday life and errands. The way a transformed doorway might make a relatively banal task, like walking through a door, seem suddenly a bit more of an event, something that makes a connection, creates a private moment in a public space. I really like that idea."

Check her beautiful site and if you're in Melbourne, look up, or down, or around. Or look on MoHo to see Miso interviewed. Enjoy.

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