Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You know you wanna Paratay

Paraty Party lovelies. Filling a desire for all things straight when it comes to building design, this Marcio Kogan Architects house derives its name from its location on the island of the colonial city of Paraty and Angra dos Reis (between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro)..imagine living in that freakin’ town!!!

Two reinforced concrete boxes make up the house’s structure. These sit on top of each other, and connect into the mountain that the house backs into, projecting outward almost onto the beach, in an 8m cantilever.
Huge glass windows in the space invites the outside in like one massive doorway for the living areas to be touched by nature that surrounds the house, and to take advantage of the insane sea views.
Sun, drenches the 20th century designed furniture, which showcases work by well known industrial designers and the areas that face the mountain have small internal patios with zenithal lighting, using beautiful exposed concrete to invite texture into the depths of the house.

To top it off (if you can even further…) guest arrive by boat, and have to wander up the bridge that connects the lower volume of the house, which also spans the reflective pool.

Pretty sure that this is what heaven looks like. Now all the house needs is a sweet Beach St / Eurobin crew to serve up some naughty smiles and sexy moves to a special play list courtesy of Bourne. You’re all invited.

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