Friday, September 11, 2009

For the love of Flowers

More than anything, flowers get the heart beating faster. The serenity of a white Tuberose place discretely on the table at Tetsuya’s, that will soon see plates of the best and freshest foods to compliment the scene. The smooth petals of a Magnolia fluttering in the spring breeze on a Saturday morning, greeting you as soon as you open your eyes. Orchids, the heady scent of Jonquilles, and the beauty of the old Peony – the hardest but most rewarding flower to grow.

Que Saskia Havekes. Grandiflora’s dame of flower elegance, we love her fresh vibe, and allowance of the unexpected to pop up and make you smile. Flowers in her hair, hanging rather than tabled… seeing one of her creations first thing this Friday makes us think that things are going to be A-Ok. (Grandiflora. 1/12 Macleay Street. Potts Point. NSW 2011. P: (612) 9357 7902 or 9357 7904)

Purchase the book of the very best Saskia has pulled together. Images below as styled by Saskia for LMNOP magazine. Happy Friday our lovely beauties x

Flowers by Saskia for Begum & Nathan Hughes' Wedding

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