Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dozing to Dozol

ohhh some days are more than others. Sometimes because the sunlight fills your eyes, the warm pressures your cheeks, the breeze whistles your hair. The smell of summer. Of beautiful days slipping into the quiet, calm of watching the night unfold.

Other days, the innerpersonal cocoon covers you, fills your pores. Blocks out the horrors banging around you. Today was THAT day. Not hung over, but tired, big deep breathes in to remind yourself that the day before that blew you away wasn't a dream, and that tomorrow holds secrets yet to be uncovered and enjoyed.

While feeling the dozy way that today has been, Thomas Dozol has been making us smile with his emotionally grabbing shots. Boyfriend to Michael Stipe, this sweets captures an instant with integrity, and a reality that you only ever see if you're watching. Like really watching...

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