Monday, September 7, 2009

:esk you

Dear :esk (stop)

It is with great pleasure that we write to you to compliment your label - Modular - on a stella cd in Leave Them All Behind III (stop)

We thoroughly enjoyed the chilled beats of Cd 1 while sipping from a keg, and lounging in Spring sun on 2nd hand couches out the back of Eurobin in Queensy (stop) It was dope (stop)

Many people commented that while the commercial inclusions of Phoenix, Bag Raider (we know it was a given), MGMT and The Presets were to be expected, the happy mix from track 17 - 21 on the first disk was immensely to our likings (stop) This seamless mash tickled us pink and has been discussed numerous times (stop)

While we doubt highly that it will be on the Sth Curl Curl left / Summer Festival bound buses that we frequent, simply because its pretty chilled and not a fun kid special (sorry to those who think Empire of the Sun is simply wonderful), we do believe it is a delightful addition to any CD library and worth listening to while celebrating Summer Sunday Sessions with a sweet crew (stop)

We look forward to the rest of your albums (hope you're not a showbag) arriving on our desks (stop) If we say the words "please" and "boom" together, we figure that should do it (stop)

Peace .: MoHo :.

(p.s. kids - hook that shit up from Modular Store.
(p.p.s. Auturo - think it may have been more than 100 words...)

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