Saturday, July 25, 2009

ahh a library..

Love a library.. especially when you’re waiting for the monthly cash flow to kick in and at home sick with suspected swine - but hey when you’ve got two mates also sick its epic. So the swine crew have been working their way through an array of ‘free’ great movies, docos and of course books.

Surprisingly also on offer at the lovely Westminster Library is a number of items not for the borrowing.. these are still free but definite keepers! From gorgeous calico book bags featuring charming little book worms, to booklets and brochures that are a must read - like an amazing booklet London Poems On The Underground that has become a London keepsake and will remain on the bookshelf for years to come.
This special booklet of London-inspired poetry provides a glimpse into a world in which cricketers and commuters, dreamers and lovers, tourists and immigrants, and the drunk and crazy travel across this amazing city. Thanks Boris for this little treasure.

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