Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a little bit harder...

Imagine, lying under the smooth shade of a bougainvillea, the licks of a warm salty breeze, the quiet tap of waves against a wooden jetty, the heady feeling of summer. Imagine, Maça Kizi. (Kesireburnu Mevkii, Türkbükü, In Turkbuku. Phone, 0252/377-6272).

Located in Turkbuku (half-hour drive from Bodrum) Maça Kizi is named after proprietor Sahir Erozan’s mother Ayla, who is the originator of the super chic (and much followed) pontoon beach club concept...rather than lying in the sand, Maça Kizi will have you lushing on lounges placed in order along terraces carved into the steep hillside.

Views that stretch for miles, the architecture is loosely Mediterranean, the rooms are clean, serene, sparse. Meals are served on long dining tables on the deck. Maça Kizi is heaven / paradise / the ultimate.

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