Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dieter Rams. God.

Industrial designer, Dieter Rams is like God. His 10 principles to "good design" serve him and us well.

Born in Germany (1932) Rams has been one of the driving forces behind the functionalist school of industrial design. Initially studying architecture, Rams moved into product design when he joined Braun - fast rising to Chief of Design in 1961, where he stayed until 1995 (JESUS!)

Slimline, simple, "Weniger, aber besser" (Less, is better) sum up Ram's designs. Modern day enthusees can see the Rams philosophy of design translate through everyday products designed by hero, Jonathon Ive... King of the "i" (Mac, Book, Phone etc).

Cataloguing the 2008 design exhibition Less and More (Suntory Museum, Osaka - Japan) is this book by the same name. Content and presentation is phenom...the use of different paper, full colour gloss images etc make it a must have. Hard to find, but not hard on the eye, we TRULY recommend.

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