Thursday, July 30, 2009

Masai. I spy.

People often let their eyes wander and catch on colour. A blue sky. A pink flower. A green bottle. A tanned limb. Sometimes, we get touched by the monochromatic, which is so powerful that it takes your breath away.

On a simple, clean, straight lined sofa, we'd like to see these little pups. A silk and linen mix, these Be Still Ikat design cushions make us want to scream with beauty. Ikat (or Ikkat) is an ancient style of weaving that uses a resit dyeing technique (think tie dye) on the materials before they are woven together. The mix of culture and tradition, fused with a modern look attracts us to these beauties.

In some beautiful, crazy way, these cushions are like life. The manufacturing process personifies growth and life, and the beautiful grace of it. The feel - smooth and silky - personifies the natural energy flow that every single person should embody every day to get there. Ikigai.

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