Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Asian Day Terry Richardson

You wont be able to tell from "these" shots, but Yasumasa 'Yone'hara seriously rivals Terry as a creep photographer who managed to capture sleaze with ease in a very sweetly proactive way, breaching the gap between porn and commercialism.

Fearless to admit that he is all about the girls, Yone recently teamed up with Fafi to launch a special limited edition Lomo which we f-ing died for.

And, as a compliment to his February 09 "QUOLOMO YONE" exhibition (supported by Dazed and Confused, Japan*) Yonehara and QUOLOMO launched a bilingual site acting as an online exhibition and web retail space. Co-branded "QUOLOMO YONE" t-shirts also sold out, but you can suss them on eBay global.

*Link to the UK Dazed digital space here.... you might remember from early post that this little pup is Jefferson Hack's baby.

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