Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's really looking for love?

A little star who began showcasing his tagging talents at the age of 12, INSA became a boy wonder to the commercial set circa-2000.

Influenced by pop culture, society and "shiny stuff", INSA is well known for his fetish-styled work that started with tagging his name in heels, and has since translated to dominating whole walls, cars and canvas' in a mass of shoes, legs and bottoms.

Taking the shoe fetish in a new direction, INSA most recent lock-in is with Nike Sportswear to push the boundaries for the launch of the new 2009 Air Maxims. Craftily done, INSA shleped East London paining 35 frames in 7 days, showcasing the evolution of the ’87 Air Max 1 until today's little lush... all were then photographed and animated to create one sole installation piece.

Opening on July 17th at the Nike 1948 store in London, the exhi "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" will feature large scale mixed media, canvas, photography and prints (as well as some siiiiick shoes). If you can, get down there. Pretty darn cool, cats. (Nike 1948, 1948 Arches 477-478, Batman’s Row, Shoreditch, London, EC2 3HH)

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