Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lady is a Vamp

Feeling pretty damn lovely today - the sun is shining, pretty florals are making a perky appearance, summer songs on the play list including Lily, Passion Pit and Lady Sov plus these little peaches - La Roux... loving flame-haired Ellie Jackson so much and the album cover shoot is fierce.

El's has told many a mag that she doesn't see herself as a pop darling, even though this electro duo have been hotting up the charts for a while now. We love the sensibility that surrounds her take on the industry... success doesn't make you cool, it just means that people share your vision - which is much more important and rewarding.

Just like Katie Gibb before her, Ellie is fast to flag that the La Roux weren't born into their sound. Its been years in the making for her and co-writer/co-producer Ben Langmaid to find a happy place... starting with a not-quite acoustic sound, grown from organic folk roots, a break to cool things off and refresh, and then the evolution to where we place them now.

If you haven't bought this one - get onto it. You won't be disappointed.

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