Monday, July 27, 2009

oooo Petit Mal!

oh so the new Vogue, comically genius and zine at it grandest. Produced by Jonathan Zawanda, Shane Sakkeus and Mark Vassallo Petit Mal takes strips off the try hard, the stuck in, the uber fashion obsessed.

Issue 3 is in the works and they are only printed limited edition so keep your eyes and grubby mits peeled for this peach. 3 of our fave Syd boys really keep this real, and have also teamed up with Annie to launch "Trust-Fun".

If you want to make your summer rock-rock-rock star get onto "Glory Scarf". Each one is mathematically valid (form) and the colour and detail creates a fusion of the real and the structured (energy). Each one is also completely unique and based on its own equation and represents a rare and organically growing monument, digitally captured.

Poke your tounge out at Missoni. Or Pucci. This one f-ing rocks.

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