Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IMOK, pronounced "I" "Mock" - comes from the sentiment I'm ok.

It can be hard to live every single day looking for the pretty in the world... you end up in all sorts of predicaments... like having Scando/graffiti /modern / deco art covering the walls of your humble abode.
Finding something to pull pinks, dove grey, aqua, mustard and cream together can be a stretch for anyone, but, I think we've done it.

IMOK is an Australian based fashion, art and illustration brand that comes from the creative minds of Sandra Mason and Jen Roberts. Using a combination of water colours, traditional life drawing sketches, strong character work and stencils that are layered together, each design has a uniqueness which is hard to describe.

So beautiful and if you live in Sydney, check out the girls' work at Red Olive Studios, Manly.

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