Sunday, May 17, 2009

LUV-ING right now

Can't get enough of a couple of tracks hitting the waves atm and we thought we'd share share share with you! Bit of a mixed bag but we've had a pretty massive weekend that seems not to have ended.

Art Vs Science "Flippers"
Nothing like a little bit of Art Vs. Science hitting the speakers as you're ordering a round of vodka lime sodas @ the downstairs bar of The Shore Club!!)

Lady Sovereign "Lets Be Mates"
Prediction... this track is going to be MASSIVE. You heard it here first.

Jesse Rose feat. Hot Chip "Forget My Name"
Love love this German producer. A totally fun sound that is perfect for a Sunday night shoulder shimmy. Also love Touch My Horn Worth putting on your Canal Road boots and stepping out for this guy.

Dizzee Rascal feat. "Bonkers"
"Some people think I’m bonkers. But I just think I’m free. Man I’m just living my life, there's nothing crazy about me Some people pay for thrills, but I get mine for free. Man I’m just living my life, there's nothing crazy about me". If you know us, it says it all really, doesn't it.

Bag Raiders "Shooting Stars"
Still loving this track. Hasn't had too much commercial airtime which is a pity but once those MGMT kids get a hold of it, there will be no holding Nova back on playing this in one of their midday Friday party mixes.

P.S. There is this awesome track that is just starting to rock dance floors but we can't remember what its called...stay tuned ;)

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