Thursday, May 7, 2009

owe little Nanna Golden Hook

Sure, you can buy any number of cheap synthetic beanie, scarf, or mit from the chain stores that smatter our shopping districts (Sportsgirl, Topshop anyone...?) but is it really the same as having a Nana knit for you?

Golden Hook is a gorgeous Frenchy site set up for people that might not have a gran to pearl them a winter combo in between cups of tea and midday television. Simply choose the design you want, the wool and a Nana to knit for you, and you'll have a beautiful little set delivered in no time.

One of us put in an order European Winter, and thus has been cruising in a Rosétte Lady Le long à pompon made from Wool of Bamboo (retailing @ 36€) which was knocked up by Collette who has "4 petits enfants" (BLESS)!

A perfect gift for you, or a loved one to snuggle into all winter long x

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