Monday, May 4, 2009

Christian Faur - Crayons on the Wall

We LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE the bubs that have made a feature in our extended group of friends lately and we'd love to spoil the little ones as they come along with something very special.

Just like Christian Faur, we remember how simple life was when all you wanted was a box of Crayola's... to gaze at the tips all lined up like magic little soldiers in a row and to pick a favourite colour and discuss WHY it was yours with your table mates in kindy.

For his "Crayons" body of works, Christian assembled more than one hundred thousand hand cast crayons of varying colors and shades to produce something not done in art before.

Each individual “pixel” of wax is precisely stacked into specific locations inside a wooden frame to produce a new art form that "uniquely balances the qualities of both photography and sculpture".

We've chosen some of our fave kiddle photos that we think would look pretty beautiful done in crayon! Thanks Ethan, Koby and Ellie for featuring, bless.

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