Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Flowers in her hair..."

This is one look that we've been wearing for a while, and while 95% of people don't get it, we think you will.
It's that beautiful mix of bohemian femininity, that we live in the moment for... the headband featured in the picture is a DvF special.
If you're living your one true life, then wearing a little bit of love in a headband exudes your inner confidence and brightens up the world a little bit. Lush x

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JennR said...

You can never under esimate the goodness of flowers in a girls hair. I once ripped out of the garden at school a mass of Ivy and proceeded to wear it in/around my haed for a week. look very etherial and lovely much to alll of the teachers dislike. Just figured out what the hell this blog was when Leah was woffeling about Moho, well done girls am loving the blog. Will keep checking in! I havent written anythgin in any of my blogs for about a billion years so dont look at mine :-)
keep up the good work!
Love Jenn Rickard


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