Monday, May 4, 2009

It’s kicky its chic its PaperFunAlia

Paper... what an interesting material... well we found out exactly how interesting at MoMu’s exhibition Paper Fashion.

As we wandered this splendidly designed museum we learnt how paper has been the fabric of choice in fashion in various cultures and during different historic periods.

The exhibition includes everything from dresses inspired by airmail envelopes and iconic photogrpahy... to retro party sets complete with matching outfit for the ever chic and perfectly prepared hostess. It features Andy Warhol’s paper dresses which were packaged with a set of six watercolors and brush. Nico from the Velvet Underground wore one as Warhol famously painted away mid-concert.

The exhibition shows how paper is still used by today’s fashion designers, including contributions from Helmut Lang, Issey Miyake and the elaborate Chanel headpieces of which brought to mind whipped confections and birds in flight. From the man himself Karl Largerfeld.. “there is something similar between a flower petal and a sheet of paper.. everything begins on paper, without it I would be lost.’ Oh how we agree Karl, you’re forever on to it.

Be inspired and appreciate this wonderful material... go on for a change - don’t write that email, instead pick up a crisp sheet of this wondrous textile and write a letter in a fine felt tip (preferably a Pentel sign pen).

We not only love love this beautifully named museum but also its amazing content and style... If ever in the city of Antwerp Belgium pls check it out you will be pleasantly surprised.

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