Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Helllo Luva

MoHo style is very London-meets-Sydney, with our styles reflecting an eclectic/eccentric mix of old and new, modern and classic.

We're gatherers who borrow from the past and and let our style evolve over time to develop into a hearty tangible beast that warms you and draws you in. We feel like our style gives us and our friends relevance, a purpose and a reason for being.

We love love these Mali armchairs from Norman and Quaine, an Australian owned company, managed by two Aussie ladies, Interior designer Katherine Norman and industrial designer Caroline Quaine. All of their furniture give reference to Colonial Australia, however, these beautiful chairs could be placed in an ultra modern minimalist interior and still look divine. They consist of a solid timber frame with open weave insets and inner foam core with feather and foam wrap cushions. Our choice? Dark lacquered wood, with creamy-white cushions.

We feel like these chairs have at least a little bit of who we are, tucked up into them.

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