Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well Now You Can

Now that the first homeowners grants have been extended somewhat, the market it gonna be heating up. Honestly, we think owning a Dream House made from diamonds is a much better option... Like these pumpkins from Philippe Tournaire Jewellery, Paris.

Why, we hear you ask, is it better to invest in a piece of jewellery? Well.... for one, it can be HUGE and still cost you less than a 1 bedder, you can show it off to just about anyone and not worry about stalkers following you home, it's still an asset and you don't have to worry about land tax or utilities (bar a little dip every now and then to keep him shiny). SUCH a good option!

And if you like to live you life as your own little island, Tournaire does a range of Solitary abodes... but we'd prefer a yellow gold Florida, or white gold Villa Florence thanks ;)

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