Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Special Birthday Top 5 for Mo

Leah: I've taken over the blog (insert evil laugh) as a special one off, personalised note for Mo who celebrates her Birthday today BLESS!
Missing your best friend and partner in crime is seriously too difficult and I'm super excited to have her home with me in less than 3 months! To celebrate her birthday, and transition her back into everyday Sydney life and the things we love, here are my special Top 5 for Mo cat. LOVE YOU BLOSSY!

1. Take a ride on the Manly Ferry
The catalyst for our amazing friendship, the Manly Ferry holds many a dear memory for Mo and I. Her, wearing hot pink cheeks in winter as we make a dash to get Ad News and UK OK before missing the 7:30. Me, telling Mo I'd pistol grip her to safety if the Ferry sunk in big swells. Peppermint teas, strawberry jam baguettes, knit scarfs, berets and of course the odd Holga moment.

2. Cruise the titles at Ariel Booksellers
The ONLY place to buy a Paul Arden title, a Little Book of Happiness, or brand new Moleskin. Ariel is a very fun fun place where we've shared many a giggle.

3. Nails done in OPI Berry Shades
Mo and I only ever have nails in one of two shades: Neutral, or berry fantastic. Whether it be Moonsoonerorlater or Big Apple red, the deeper shade of Miami Beet or Senorita Rose-alita.

4. A Shop Shop here. A Shop Shop there.
The only stellar difference between Mo cat and I, is that she'll wear vintage and I won't. Try try as I might, I can't master it. Mo pulls it off effortlessly. Soooo if we were gonna shop for her birthday, the plan would be: Pick up Breeze Bree from Freshy and do a drive by of Splice*, Manly School Markets, Mint Shop (Manly), Fleur Wood (Paddington), the Corner Shop (QVB) Tuchuzy (Bondi), and then a sprinkling of high street thrown in for good measure.

5. Drinks a plenty
Nothing beats a night on the town with Mo... so special faves that we'd frequent to celebrate her Birthday if she was here include...

- The Shore Club (Manly) - Pete Mill is a doll face, and we love having a dance to the stellar sounds of Mr Mark Olsen.
- Bodega Tapas / Foveaux Bar and Restaurant / Lotus Bistro and Bar (Potts Point) - never enough time to drink all of the best wine and cocktails in the best ambiance in Sydney town, with Mich and Austin thrown in for good measure.
- The Gaslight Inn / Oxford Arts Factory / Qbar (Darlinghurst) - we loose ourselves in the looseness and f-ing LUUUUUVVVVVV IIIITTTTT!!!!

Alex, I love love you
Have an AMAZING birthday poppet

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Sara said...

OOO this is so sweet!
miss you both very much
take care :)


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