Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating Friends #2/1

Its a shoe bazaar at the moment! I find it especially hard to find footwear that I like mainly because I hate the standard trends that litter everything that people see. Then there is this beautiful little wonder - who has found a niche and is filling it with something amazing.

French for "Soul", designer, gorgeous girl and friend extraordinaire Tess Wilcox lives by Àmes Soles mantra - making cute soles for cute souls. Designed from her Currumbin beach house, the Àmes Soles range is a mixture of girly-clash-rock-glam... edgy pieces that can be worn from lunch on the beachfront to the dance floor. My picks from the Summer range are FOR SURE the One Tees, Reems or Luis. Selling online now to all over the world.

And Tess also custom designs so if there is something you like, and want to own 100% (from the design, to the material, to the 1 offness) then send this gorgeous poppet an email (tess@amessoles.com).

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