Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Teens. In my teens, I thought I'd be famous. I thought that mum and dad were always wrong, and I was always right. I thought that fashion was only what they published in Harper's and Vogue. I thought that music was Wild. I thought that smoking was cool and sexy. I thought that drinking was right when doing it out of a Solo bottle. I thought that coconut oil was a good idea at the beach and that boys would like you more if you kissed them at the end of the night.

Still in her teens, Nirrimi Hakanson has done these. Living in Melbourne, the daughter of an Aboriginal artist and Swedish-Australian hippie, and shooting from the age of 14 (she's now 17....) the images below don't even scratch the surface for the way this girl looks at the world. Recently agency signed, Nirrimi is focussing on NYC and producing a book. Note to self... looking at Nirrimi's website is the fastest way to make yourself feel like the ultimate non achiever. She is incredible.

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