Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating Friends #1/1

** This week has been filled with the amazing highs that come with celebrating the successes of friends. I really count myself lucky that I have some of the most amazing, driven, passionate people around me that make me feel inspired every single day. It is being able to share in their successes that makes me excited to go after my own.
This is only a snap shot of 3 projects people I know have made happen in the last few weeks, there are plenty more across a range of industries that I want to share with you as they evolve.**

A man who was once recognised for specialising in surf photography and cinematography, these lifestyle shots from Pete Crumpton definitely push his work towards a different level. Its not that he was ever pigeon holed as a surf photog, but his recent trip overseas with his amazing gf Long-Liv, facilitated an even wider set of influences. There is a freshness, and a sense of openness in his recent work, a lightness and expression of hope. A freedom. Screen grabbing doesn't do these justice - Check out his new and improved website for a glimmer of happiness.

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