Friday, March 26, 2010


God I'm super pysched. Partee tonight, Partee tomorrow, Delphic Sunday at OAF and a whole heap of awesomeness in the form of working @ super cool new Manly store, Murdok on Saturday and beach time with ciders and friends on Sunday. Life is GREAT and I think thinking about how wild the weekend could go is why these Cobra snake outtakes from a shoot Mark did for Wildfox totally caught my eye this morning. Spring break? '
God Talluhlah Morton is such a babe / Styling by kimberley gordon @ wildfox couture and cassandra kellogg. (p.s. this is also my FAVE song today - listen to it as you look... just sets the scene a little...)
Whitey - Stay on the outside: theme song of the day just because its so damn infectious!

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