Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating Friends #3/1

Coffee shops are a dime a dozen, unless of course you actually factor in the standard of the coffee, the warm sensuality of the surrounding decor and the charisma of the barista. If you do, then you'll know that its a rare gem but luckily for the kids of Manly (and those willing to travel for a Sunday morning roasted special) there is Belgrave Cartel (6 Belgrave Street, Manly, Australia, 2095).

Opened about 4 weeks ago, this gorgeous hole in the wall oozes the casual coolness that personifies the Northern Beaches. It doesn't pretend to be what it isnt, and lives up to everything you expect it to be - a place where you can read the paper with the sun on your face (the warmth enhanced by the gorgeous woods throughout), laugh with gorgeous Joe, the barista with the biggest Cheshire-cat smile you'll ever see, and drink an amazing cup of coffee.

And if you see a piece of furniture you like in there, the kit and caboodle is all for sale. Including the gorgeous Shannon Crees paining hanging on the wall.

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