Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brass line

Sometimes, its the nights in that count so much more. Knowing that someone is as excited as you to cook a meal, light some candles, sit in the cold fresh air on a back step, and pop an amazing bottle of red or long neck of cider, is a delicious little feeling that makes you want to burst. Coming into winter, now seems to be the time to plan for these things - and when you're spending more time in than out, it makes sense to spend a little bit more on the finer elements that make living a night in perfect.

Japanese designer Oji Masanori makes useful and beautiful everyday items, living items, including these brass bottle openers that are designed and manufactured using traditional Japanese skills and crafts. It may be crazy but I know you can see rough, tanned hands against the smooth flawless brass, the soft glow of candles against the black backdrop of the night, the sweet smiles as you clink bottle tops knowing very well where the night is going to end up...

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