Monday, March 15, 2010

Whats On: Art Month Sydney

If you're in the gorgeous city of Sydney experience a side you may never have considered. Its Art Month Sydney - 30 days of culture organised by the Australian Art Fair Foundaion and supported by galleries, artists, public instiutions and government bodies. It also coinsides with Semi-Permanent. My picks for the month?

Todd Hunter Exhibition (March 11 - April 17)
GRANTPIRRIE 86 George Street Redfern NSW 2016 (FREE ENTRY)
Rich, colourful depictions of human forms in the Australian landscape.

Paul Davies Exhibition (March 24 - April 11)
Tim Olsen Gallery 63 Jersey Road Woollahra NSW 2025 (FREE ENTRY)
Taking inspiration from an Aspen holiday magazine, Davies gorgeous colour by numbersesque works are stunning.
"Lovebuzz" by Todd Hunter

Paul Davies

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