Monday, March 8, 2010


So seriously, the only reason I wanted an iPhone was for Shazam. Its like THE ultimate application and I have a less than cool reputation as the chick that is always standing near the speakers with her phone held out. Can't help it. Just really love music. Thought I'd give you a YouTube play list of my current Top 5 Shazazmed tracks to listen to. LOVING.

"Always More" - AutoKratz
Loving AutoKratz atm. Bit behind, but did a complete buyout of all of the Kitsune lable albums ever released (seriously) and this is so one of my favourites of all of them. Worth the pretty penny dropped on iTunes.

"Emerge" - Fischerspooner
O.M.G. I WISH that I could've uploaded the video I have of Llyne and Rodney getting maggot in the Clemenger building before my sisters 18th doing a tandem dance to this track. Un. Believeable. And that was just before we signed a cab charge with an X. This song pumps.

"Remedy" - Crookers feat Mike Snow
DJ/production duo Bot and Phra, are seriously hot. Most would know their remix of Kid Cuti's Day and Night but this one SHITS all over that track (and I love it...). On top of that Mike Snow is a seriously hot property and his track Animal is mental.

"Doubt" - Delphic
So crazy in love with Delphic. AND they are touring Sydney at the end of this month. Hailing from Marple Bridge UK, this 3-piece on the Kitsune label (Modular in Sydney) have one of, if not THE fave album of mine out this year so far.

"Good Voodoo" - Kiki
Such a random pick up, but love how sexy this song is. Vocal from Chela Simone, the track is on 'Kaiku' Kiki's second album (Kaiku is the Finnish word for Echo). Perfect song to work too.

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