Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty Boys

As a chill hits the air, it's time to start considering how to rug up against the elements. It can be so easy for guys to throw on a hoodie, and a pair of Nudies but in reality it's just as easy to put a little bit more effort into male style making the whole thing still effortless.

Based out of Sweden, Velour's motto is just that - Effortless Style. Stocked for both men and women, I'm totally into their guys Autumn/Winter look which is more of a pulled together take on last season.

Launched in 1997 by Per Andersson, Velour started as a store "Nostalgi" which sold dead-stock clothes, remakes, art and design, attracting international attention for its diverse range and vision. The first Velour collection - launched in 2005 - set the tone for what the brand is today; a label dedicated to perfect fit and detail but leaving enough 'space' in the look for an individual style to shine through. Stocked mainly in Scando, you can also find the label in hole-in-the-wall stores in Aussie, Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, the UK, Japland and the US

My picks? There is something magic about a top button on a check shirt done up with a dark skinny leg coated jean and black cons. OR if you want to dress it up a pair of black leather boat shoes (more on those soon...*exclusive*).

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