Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating Friends #1/2

Without a word of a lie, this girl is phenom. Ten things you should know about my f-ing banger buddy, Juliette Harkness.

1. Ju is a model and actress. And a good one. She was on Girl Talk a TV show for pre-teens.
2. Ju is a (half) French woman. And a bad one. Her French-vocab is pretty shit.
3. Ju works a million hours slaughtering our midweek benders but I'll forgive her just a little bit
4. Ju smokes. And knows how to make it look sexy. Hell, she is half French.
5. Ju part owns an apartment with an ex boyfriend.
6. Ju has a birdy called Ducky. He's naughty. Like her.
7. Ju sleeps on a sofa bed at her parents house because she broke up with said boyfriend
8. Ju has a huge heart and is one of the most caring, beautiful creatures in my life.
9. Ju is a free spirit. And she wears C&M better than most people I know.
10. Ju likes to bang. Like an f-ing sailor. Which is why we're friends. I love her.

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