Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Aesop Fairytale

Really going back to my roots today! I often write up about the Aesop concept stores around the world. They are designed from the outside, to the in, with the local area in mind. Which means that no two are the same and each one is reflective of the culture, people and environment that surrounds it.

Aesop Doncaster was designed by Melbourne architect Ryan Russell (he also did Armidale's store) which is pretty damn awesome. Designed with 'escape' in mind, the wall tiles are laid in a brick pattern that subtly shifts in plane and texture aiming to create a sense of movement within the space - the idea being that it makes you sense that the space has a breeze running through gum leaves and the ripple effects of water - an assoication with bathing. Clean and Serene.

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