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A (Sun)day in the life

What started as a top 5 got pushed out to a few more... so rather than add them on, I thought I'd just show you a typical Sunday in Manly. I've left out the obvious beach swim, and of course I've written about beautiful Belgrave Cartel (Celebrating Friends #3/1 - March 2, 2010) and Safety Wolf (HIT: Safety Wolf - January 8, 2010) but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into a few of my all time faves in the suburb that I live. I've also listed them in the order I'd visit just to help you plan your trip down this way x

Bench Cafe
3a/11-27 Wentworth St, Manly, Australia, 2095; P. (02) 9976 5733
Mon - Sun. (Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.)
Religiously, I eat at Bench. There are plenty of cafes in Manly, but not many as open and friendly as this great spot that lets pockets of sun, shine through the umbrellas (which I'm convinced are there to protected you when you're eating eggs florentine sans make/dress up). The staff are gorgeous, know you're order, and love to have a joke. It's casual and relaxed - order at the counter and take as long as you want to chill, eat and read the papers. Transforming to a Mexicana fiesta for Lunch and Dinner (though they do do all day Breakfasts) this places is a locals favourite.

McLean & Page
Shop 3c, 11- 27 Wentworth St, Manly, Australia, 2095 P. (02) 9976 3277
Mon - Sun (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Right next door to Bench (conveniently) is the gorgeous McLean & Page. A small but stunning boutique, the girls use the space well, as every single item bought to fill the racks of this store is so right. Stocking labels like ANTIPODIUM, Bassike, Romance Was Born, camilla and marc, Therese Rawsthorne and Karen Walker (to name a few) its a tempting little special that is worth a stop-in after your morning coffee. Lauren and Hayley are two of the nicest (and best dressed) people in Manly, and offer up incredible styling advice that is hard to come across anywhere in Sydney. If you're planning on dropping a few easy $00 then this is the place to do it - they won't let you walk out without feeling a million dollars.

Mr & Mrs Smith
Rialto Square, Wentworth St, Manly, Australia, 2095
Mon - Sun (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Less than 20m from McLean&Page is sister store, Mr & Mrs Smith. Taking up the D30 space not so long ago, this is the place to go for incredible COHEN et SABINE and other labels not stocked at McLean & Page, as well as Samantha Wills jewels, candles, home wears and Big by Fiona Scanlan for the little ones. There is a small range for the boys and I have it on good authority that this is going to be bulked up with some unique labels next season.

Little Flirt
Shop 2, 58 Darley Road, Manly, Australia, 2095 P. (02) 9976 6770
Tues - Sun (11:30am - 4:00pm)
What started off as a boutique lingerie store, stocking everything from (mainly sheer) 1/2 balconette bras, ouverts (crotchless panties), suspenders, and garters, Little Flirt has reinvented itself as a destination shop point on the Northern Beaches stocking Gail Sorronda, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Story by Tang, Magdalena Velevska and (MY FAVOURITE!) Karla Spetic. The perfect one stop shop for a very sexy date, or something unique that you're not going to find anywhere else on the Northern Beaches (and from mega shopping trips, in any one place in the East). You can also buy online which is peach for those of you living OS.

Manly to Shelley Beach walk
33° 48' 0" South, 151° 17' 0" East
One of the most incredibly beautiful and visually enticing parts of Manly, this walk is a great way to wander away from the hustle that happens direct in the central part of the suburb. There are plenty who do it, but for whatever reason, even when its at its peak, its still easy to melt away into your own space doing this wander. I love when the cool hits at this time of year, when the sun is still shining but there is a subtle chill - it's the nicest places to go with a take away tea, and a girlfriend for a quiet chat or laugh at the night befores antics and just lose yourself in the moment. It's also the place to wander along if you're keen for a midnight nude swim after the Shore Club, but that's an entirely different post!

The Bower Restaurant
7 Marine Parade Manly, Australia 2095 P. (02) 9977 5451
Mon - Sun (8:00am-3:00pm)
3/4 of the way down the Manly to Shelley walk is The Bower Restaurant. When people ask me where to eat in Manly, it would be so simple to say Whitewater or Garfish, but this hidden gem does good food. And with a glass of white wine, sitting in the sun, watching the people walk past, and listening to great conversation or the lap of the water against the sandstone wall, I think it sums up the vibe of Manly in a nutshell. The gorgeous white interiors are only broken by art that is available to buy, and with the incredible view from inside, there isn't a bad table in the house. My recommendation is the soft shell crab, with the crispest white you can find on the side.

Manly Wharf Bar
21 E Esplanade, Manly Australia 2095 P (02) 9977 1266
Mon - Sun (11:30am - Midnight)
Whether it be for a Tuesday night pizza special, a catch up with the girls, or the obligatory Sunday session (rain, hail or shine this place packs out) the Wharf Bar has becomes a Manly establishment. And the fact that of late, I've seen many an Eastern friend saunter in after lunch at Hugos or Manly Wine, speaks volumes. With sweeping views (of both the harbour and the local talent) the Wharfy is the perfect reason to sojourn to the north-side. Pizzas are cheap, the drinks also, but the catchup is the reason to show face.

Shore Club Manly
36-38 S Steyne Manly Australia 2095 P.(02) 9977 6322
Spread over three beautifully designed levels, the Shore Club is Sundays final spot to pop into. The fact that its also pretty vibey on Fridays and Saturdays, thanks to a roster of colourful and lovely djs (who like to party themselves!) adds to the flavour of the Shorey. The place-a-plenty for a good dance, vodka lime soda and fun time with friends and Northern Beaches locals, the Shore Club Sunday is a great night to come and see what makes Manly such a great place to live. Not only is the atmosphere fun (awesome, considering most have to work Monday mornings), but the lack of arrogance and self importance that you find around Sydney bars is obvious. This is a local dressed up, and with age no barrier to those who hang out there, its like a house party with an endless supply of alcohol and some pretty tunes.

Bench Cafe

Mclean & Page

Mr & Mrs Smith

Little Flirt

Manly to Shelley walk

The Bower Restaurant

The Manly Wharf Bar

The Shore Club, Manly

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