Tuesday, March 30, 2010

event: Shepard Fairey's "May Day"

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name Shepard Fairey, chances are, you’ll be familiar with his work. A contemporary artist/graphic designer/illustrator, Fairey is the man behind Barack Obama “HOPE” poster which is synonymous with the 2008 Presidential campaign and the basis for a million spin offs post its mass media publication. Fairey's stylized stencil style is unmistakable and as Australia becomes more aware, and opened eyed and engaged with contemporary artists, the frequency to see this mans work is growing also.

If you happen to live in New York, I strongly suggest that you jump on the “May Day” train – a solo Fairey exhibition filled with new works at Deitch Projects (18 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013, p: 212.343.7300 e: info@deitch.com). Nameed not only for the shows opening date, the title aims to also capture the spirit of the show, exemplified by the multiple meanings of “May Day” – a labor day, a day of political demonstration, a distress single and a vein of revolution.

The exhibition includes portraits of Faireys most admired artists, musicians, political activists and radicals – those that started on the fringe of modern culture and managed to change the mainstream. It seems like this has come at just the right time.

MAY DAY 2010: Solo Exhibition featuring new works by Shepard Fairey
Deitch Projects (18 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013, p: 212.343.7300 e: info@deitch.com)
May 01, 2010 — May 29, 2010 (Opening Reception on May 1st, 6-9pm)

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